Red-E-2-Swim is excited to be able to bring laboratory quality water testing, poolside. LaMotte Laboratories has introduced a new device, the Clear360Touch Analyzer that is an automated laboratory grade chemistry water testing devise in a fully mobile application. This device results out 10 tests in less than a minute using carrousels that have the testing reagents precisely measured so all you do as the technician is to add the water using the special syringe and load the carrousel into the analyzer. The spinning action of the carrousel mixes the water with the reagents in the clear chambers and the device uses a photometric optical system to record the precise measurements at exactly the right time. No more estimating or guessing. The results are far more accurate than test strips and allow the us to calculate the correct amount of chemicals to add to your pool to keep it operating a peak efficiency.

This is just one more way the Red-E-2-Swim is raising the bar when it come to maintaining your pool like it was our own. HANG TEN and catch a wave from Rick in his SURFMOBILE. We are the smarter way to keep your pool Red-E-2-Swim!

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