From pool cleaning to maintenance, Rede-2-Swim is your full-service high-tech Pool service. Experience the future of pool care.

When you sign-up with Rede-2-Swim, we fully service your pool. PLUS, our Rede-2-Swim E-Alert sensor will let us (and you) know when your Pool is chemically out of balance so we can always make sure you are Rede-2-Swim and your pool is maintained for optimal performance.

  • Using the data from our Red-E-Alert system, we ensure your pool is properly balanced by adding the proper chemicals at the right time, even if it means we make an extra trip (on our nickel)
  • We will backwash your filter when it reaches 7-10 points over normal running pressure
  • We will clean your automatic pool cleaner (bag / filter)
  • We will empty your pool skimmer and pump baskets
  • We will brush your pool walls, tile and steps
  • We will net your pool
  • We will ensure that your pool cleaner is working properly
  • We will make recommendations to ensure your pool equipment is in maintained properly
  • We will vacuum your pool as necessary
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